A new dimension for data science

Next-generation visualization platform
for enterprise data scientists

Step inside your data

Navigate information with your innate ability to understand 3D. Discover patterns and relationships between multi-dimensional data without writing a single query. Virtually walk through the information to easily spot patterns, clusters, and outliers. Easily identify trends and ultimately gain a deeper understanding of spatial and temporal relationships.

Our innovative platform is designed to show you what's happening in higher fidelity than what's possible with modern technology. Break free from the limitations of two-dimensional screens, leave HD, 4K, and 8K behind. Expand your vision into a wider field of view.

Total immersion

With the ability to literally step inside your data, you never know where the path might lead. That's the inherent value of visual data exploration - discovery of the unexpected. As visual cues emerge, they catch your eye and help identify issues - and opportunities - in real-time.

You can have an answer almost as fast as you have an idea, with no need to engage a technical person. Navigate, inspect, and expand massive traunches of historical and live information. Respond immediately or flag for collaboration.

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